Income generation is the lifeblood of most events. As competition amongst events becomes ever fiercer, a carefully managed sales structure is now required for a successful event. The Essence team combines over 30 years of sales experience, and can put it to work for you in the following ways:

• Conducting thorough research of potential markets and opportunities
• Construction of a potential client database
• Building and running a comprehensive sales campaign
• Exploring and exploiting new income streams
• Building client relationships
• Instituting a reporting process to keep you connected to the project at all times
• Finding innovative ways to achieve targets

This campaign could include:

• Exhibition space sales
• Cash sponsorship
• In-kind sponsorship
• Merchandise sales
• Ticket sales
• Concession negotiations
• Hospitality
• Corporate packages
• Corporate partnerships

“Essence Events Solutions Ltd handled the sponsorship and Programme production for the Diamond Jubilee Picnic at Burghley which the Queen attended as part of the celebrations organised by the four counties of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. Five County and City Councils were partners in the event which was overseen by the Lord-Lieutenants of the four counties. Nicky Barr, the Director, worked very closely and effectively with all the partners including Burghley House events to achieve the target for sponsorship. She was personally involved with each of them and was a joy to work with, highly professional and reliable.

Essence Events Solutions played a critical part in delivering the Event on budget, and contributed to a highly successful celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

Hugh Duberly, Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire