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Anna talks about how to write your award entry for the Rutland Pride Business Awards 2015.

14th August, 2014

Writing your own award entry can seem a bit daunting, but it’s a really rewarding and gratifying experience. So, if you’ve been putting it off because you’re not sure where to begin, the pointers below will help to get you started.

  1. Start it early – give yourself at least two weeks to pull together the information that you need and enough time to write the entry and to check it properly.
  2. Make sure you meet the award entry criteria and complete all the required fields in the submission form.
  3. Give it a heading – the name of your company and the award you are entering.
  4. Sell the story – capture the judges’ imagination in the opening paragraph.
  5. Use photos/ images and simple charts/graphs if appropriate – it makes it more interesting for the judges to look at.
  6. Don’t use a long word if a short one will do – it makes it easier to read.
  7. Give it structure (example structure for Best New Business award):
  • Beginning: Tell the judges what your business is about and sell your vision for the company.
  • Middle: Why you should win with evidence. Use key performance indicators (e.g. customer satisfaction, sales targets), financial targets (e.g. original target turnover if achieved). Show that you understand your market place, your customers and the competition. How does what you have done fit in with your business plan?
  • End: A summary of your successes (this could be in form of bullet points). Summarise what you have done, how it meets the criteria of the award i.e. why you should win.
  1. Don’t repeat yourself unnecessarily and stick to around 1000 words – it will keep you and the judges focussed on the most important information.
  2. Choose your attachments carefully – send only those items that back up claims you have made in your entry, such as customer testimonials or financial data e.g. basic profit and loss account.
  3. Ask someone to read it through – does it make sense, are there any spelling errors?

If you get writer’s block the best thing is to leave it and come back to your award entry later. If you’re still stuck for inspiration try asking a friend or colleague what they think, it’s always good to have a fresh perspective. Good luck and happy writing!

Essence Events would like to offer our congratulations to the 2014 Rutland Pride Business Awards winners.

9th July, 2014

When Rutland Pride asked us to help them launch the 2014 Business Awards for Stamford and Rutland, we could not have been more pleased. The awards celebrate both the achievements of the region’s businesses, and those SMEs which lead the market in various ways.

The black tie gala reception and awards dinner was held at the Ladywood Estate in Knossington, and featured a keynote speech delivered by Lincolnshire’s own David Ross, co-founder of the Carphone Warehouse and founder of the David Ross foundation.

Those honoured include:

  • Rutland Cycling, for the outstanding contributions they have made to the community.
  • The Institute of Credit Management, who took home the marketing and design award, given to the business that developed the most creative, brand-relevant and successful marketing strategy.
  • Barefoot Flooring, named best new business for 2014, in recognition of the success that they have had even in these turbulent financial times.
  • Jacqui Kavanagh of Trinity Event Solutions, named business person of the year for the outstanding contributions she made to her organisation over the last year.
  • Last but not least, Amps Fine Wines was named best small business for their admirable profitability and excellence in their field.

Congratulations are in order for the winners, and the many runners-up and nominees as well. We are proud to have been involved in paying tribute to these businesses, and to help highlight some of their many recent achievements.